How to build a customer feedback taxonomy

I’ve shared this as a Google Doc quite a bit and decided to post it on Medium. There’s a theoretical outline of an internal tool you could build at the bottom of the post. I used a tool similar to that at a certain tech giant (google), so let me know if you have any questions about managing user feedback or coordinating it with user research open feedback, etc. for more of a 360 data view.

With SAAS product feedback, generally, we can categorize most feedbacks into bugs, usability issues, feature requests, knowledge captures, education requests, or marketing material requests. These types of tags are distinct from a product feature tag, which should include a product feature and relevant sub-features.

Each feedback we receive should also be lumped into distinct pieces of feedback instead of receiving only one general tag.

That said, the categorization and details for the tag belong on the tag rather than on the feedback. The feedback fragment will only be tagged to a tag that contains type and category.

To manage the feedback, I currently recommend an internal tool as I haven’t seen any out of the box tools that are that impressive. Drop some links below if you disagree. Generally the ones I’ve seen lack in having multiple tagging abilities or in having the ability to add a type on the tags or a subcategory.

In general, once you’ve received a feedback and have a tool in place and have created your taxonomy, tagging and categorizing is pretty straight-forward.


  1. Customer submits feedback
  2. Agent divides the feedback snippet into sub-feedbacks and tags for each feedback item

Example (hypothetical product is a web builder with a text editor)

Hey, I really like the editor, but I can’t figure out how to change the line height in my text editor. I’m trying to make it be twice as big as the text size. Also, I wish I could format bullet points in the text editor because I don’t know CSS. Can you please help me make it have purple star bullets?


  • Text editor > Line height Type: Usability issue “Line height feature in text editor is unknown”
  • Text editor > Line Height Type: Feature Request “Custom line-height”
  • Text editor > Bullet points Type: Feature Request “Modify bullet point design in TE”
  • Developer Mode > CSS Type: Education “CSS training/ certification track”
  • Text editor > Bullet points Type: How to “How to customize bullet point settings with CSS”

Tool requirements

Intake of feedback from multiple tools:

  • Site/in-editor feedback popup
  • Manual or CSV upload
  • Reviews from review platforms
  • Social media posts

Feedback fields:

  • Requester Name
  • Request Email
  • Way that it was submitted
  • Product
  • Description/Feedback
  • Date


  • View/count tags by category, subcategory, date, type, etc
  • View reports or exportable and run SQL reports
  • Predictive tagging
  • User sentiment

Category management space

Each post — Can be tagged with multiple tags, status, P0-P4

Tags — can be synced to JIRA

Cases — can be listed in JIRA linked tag

Tag — View all associated cases if viewing a specific tag

  • View counts, show snapshot of the feedback pieces that are tagged

Example mocks :)

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