How to build a customer feedback taxonomy

How to categorize your feedback

Why should I analyze my user feedback?

How do I get my customers to leave feedback?

This is a lot of work, how do I handle it?

What tool do I use?

  1. Customer submits feedback
  2. Agent divides the feedback snippet into sub-feedbacks and tags for each feedback item
  • Text editor > Line height Type: Usability issue “Line height feature in text editor is unknown”
  • Text editor > Line Height Type: Feature Request “Custom line-height”
  • Text editor > Bullet points Type: Feature Request “Modify bullet point design in TE”
  • Developer Mode > CSS Type: Education “CSS training/ certification track”
  • Text editor > Bullet points Type: How to “How to customize bullet point settings with CSS”
  • Site/in-editor feedback popup
  • Manual or CSV upload
  • Reviews from review platforms
  • Social media posts
  • Requester Name
  • Request Email
  • Way that it was submitted
  • Product
  • Description/Feedback
  • Date
  • View/count tags by category, subcategory, date, type, etc
  • View reports or exportable and run SQL reports
  • Predictive tagging
  • User sentiment
  • View counts, show snapshot of the feedback pieces that are tagged




Journalist and endlessly curious person. One half of @hatchbeat.

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Liz Fedak

Liz Fedak

Journalist and endlessly curious person. One half of @hatchbeat.

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